Walking Tips For Your Safety

Genf20 Plus Review – This article gives you one of the best ways for you to walk. If you are just starting your walking program I have some tips for you so that you begin on the “right foot”.

Always get a checkup with your podiatrist or health care provider, he/she will tell you the things that you can and should do. Your health care provider will most likely give you a physical first.

The next thing that you need is to purchase a good pair of walking shoes. They are built the correct way for walking. These shoes are light weight, bend easily, have soft uppers for the front of your feet. They will give you good strong support around your heels.

The waking shoes that you buy give you the cushioning that your foot needs and the stability for walking.

If you are new to walking, start your program slowly. Only walk about 15 to 20 minutes for the first week. It can be a strain physically for you, especially if you are new to the program. Your body needs to adjust to your walking program.

Here is a short video on walking in the winter. It is short, gives you some good information on winter walking, and easy to understand. http://video.about.com/walking/Prepare-for-Winter-Walking.htm

When you are walking you should be able to talk with your partner, such as being able to answer a question. If you can speak in whole sentences you are walking too slowly.

Breathing when you are walking should be stronger or fuller than normal, but not too much so that you cannot talk.

Walking should not make you feel too tired. You will be sore the first week or two, but you should not hurt. If your muscles or joints bother you during your exercise or after it, see your health care provider to be checked out.


It is a good idea to wear a pedometer or a watch so you can count your steps and see the time you spent walking. As I said before, start to walk slow and easily. You should gradually increase your walking time, about seven to ten mineuts each week.

The pedometer will count the steps that you take as you are walking. It will tell you how much time and distance that you walked.

2) Outdoor Walking

Outdoor walking is a great way to exercise and you will enjoy the fresh air. This type of walking will get you to exercise in the fresh air. You’ll experience the art of a motion and some good exercise, both at the same time!

Before you start your walking program, here are some important safety tips you’ll want to consider.

a) Find a buddy to do your strolling with and he/she will be a partner. Walking with a partner can give you great motivation. This time that you exercise can be more enjoyable for you. More importantly,you will always use safety in walking with a group of people. If you walk alone, make sure you tell someone your route and the time you expect to get home.

b) Wear bright walking reflective clothing and a bright cap also when you are exercising near traffic. Even your footwear should have reflective strips on them. The shoe heels have the largest area to place those strips.

This way you will be able to be seen by any traffic that is in your walking area.

c) If you are walking in the daytime or early evening time you want to be seen by all the traffic in the area that you are walking. Try to walk in streets that have plenty of light at night or a bright area as much as you can.

d) The best thing that you can do when walking is wear reflective clothing and/or reflective strips. You should also walk on the side of the street that the on-coming traffic is facing you. That way they will see you and you can see the traffic when you are walking.

These is a real good ways to do your walking if there aren’t any sidewalks or if you walk in dark areas. You can carry a well lite flash light. Then remember to do your walking against the traffic and do not stray into the street when walking; that way you can see any dangerous vehicles approaching.

This way of walking you will be an alert walker. Be a well prepared and watch the traffic when walking . Do not assume that the cars will always see you, be alert!

I have given you some good walking tips about your exercising and items that you should be concerned about having with you when you are doing your walking.

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